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To surf gravity is to shred down mountains, ride waves, descend rivers, fly through the sky and simply dance with nature. It’s a lifestyle of treading lightly, living with the seasons, striving to make conscious decisions and loving life. Surfing gravity is an intimate participation with the natural world and the inexplicable feeling of resonance we have all felt while playing in the mountains. Surf Gravity is a community focused on embodying this life and evolving into our highest potential. Simultaneously, Surf Gravity is a multi-media, multi-sport production company dedicated to high quality content and exposure.

Nick Devore, Joey Stokes, and Reuben Sadowsky are collectively mastering the art of “surfing gravity.” They are amongst the world’s most progressive telemark and alpine skiers, snowboarders, speed flyers, BASE jumpers, climbers, kayakers, and overall mountain athletes. For the past few years they have been competing, filming and ski modeling as independent pro skiers/snowboarders and their fast and fluid riding has been featured in numerous ski/snowboard movies and magazines. They have also proven their dominance through Freeride Competitions; (Nick Devore Tele World Champion 2008, Joey Stokes Taos Snowboard Extreme Champion 2011, and Reuben Sedowsky Mountain Malee Champion 2012). While they all share a love of skiing/snowboarding, each is also an overall mountain athlete in their own way and are combining their talents to create “Surf Gravity.” When the snow isn’t falling they embrace the seasons and enjoy their other passions, which include; climbing, flying, BASE jumping, bow hunting, surfing, kayaking, biking, dancing, and making funky beats. They see this participation with the seasons as one that helps them live in closer harmony with the world around them.

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