We Are Infinite Beings of Light, Surf Gravity.

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Kundilini Shakti rises from my lotus root fire. My third eye pineal gland is awakened and pure light radiates outward infinitely. Rainbow wings carry me through the cosmos, and connect me to universal consciousness. I am surfing gravity. I am infinite. I am Love. I am gratitude. I am you! We are ONE infinite source of energy.

infintie being

“Gaining direct experience of the divine nature of the fire that pervades the universe and maintains the law of change is God realization. Gaining direct experience of that same fire in the form of the kundilinin shakti within us is self realization.”

“Remember, for any practice you need a strong, healthy body. When you practice regularly in one sitting posture for a long time the body will become still, the breath serene, and the mind tranquil. Then you will realize that you have a body, but you are not the body. You will also understand that the body is a wonderful instrument and you should take care of it properly.”

“Only when you contemplate on the higher meaning and purpose of life can you begin to understand the value of the precious moments of your life,” Swami Shivananda explained. “When you do, you no longer wish to waste your time and energy on trivial things and meaningless experiences. Death is a definite fact of life. So, while you are healthy and strong, imagine you are dying and no one can prevent it, and in that situation try to think of what is going with you and what is staying behind. In the face of death do you find yourself happy? If not, what do you have other than misery to take with you? Is that all you have earned through your hard work? Is it the purpose of life to be born, work hard, and leave the world carrying the burden of misery on the journey after death? Creating an environment in which you can ponder these issues with the least distraction is called living a spiritual life.”

-Insight from Himalayan Sages directed toward young Swami Rama


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