Its so fun to fly with my friends!

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3 amigos


“What is like to fly?” People ask us all the time. Well, its like when your dreaming and you hit a jump and gravity doesn’t seem to exist and you just keep on flying, until you wake up. Boundaries are shattered and we realize that anythings possible. We are only limited by our own limitations. Reuben talked about how as climbers we learn about rocks and earth, as kayakers or surfers we learn about water, as yogis and burners we learn about fire, as skiers we learn about frozen water snow crystals, and as flyers we learn about air and wind. Through all these mediums ones awareness and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all the elements is heightened. We dance with nature, surf the wind, and laugh with each other as we fly together. Birds are said to be messengers to the heavens and spirit world. flying gives us a new and humbling perspective, opens up new dimensions of reality. Flying is just really really fun!


Reuben feeling the G forces and getting inverted.



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