To surf gravity is to be in a state of creativity and lightness, to be in the flow. It is to shred down mountains, ride waves, descend rivers, fly through the sky, climb rocks, make art and simply dance with nature. It’s a lifestyle of treading lightly, living with the seasons, striving to make conscious decisions and loving life. Surfing gravity is an intimate participation with the natural world and the inexplicable feeling of resonance we have all felt while playing in nature. Surf Gravity is a community focused on embodying this life and evolving into our highest potential. Simultaneously, Surf Gravity is a multi-media, multi-sport production company dedicated to high quality content, exposure, and art.


To evolve, document and promote a journey towards our highest potential as athletes and environmentalists while co-creating a self-supporting, sustainable business based on our passions.


To create a compelling brand and movement where we will collectively surf into a new paradigm of conscious living. We will accomplish this through a variety of ways including but not limited to generating high quality multi-media internet content that appeals to and inspires all types and ages of people, a clothing line, the healing arts, yoga, and art. We will highlight other gravity surfers, projects and companies that share our values. We will maximize our exposure by pursuing all of the resources available to us including: third party websites, social media, photo and film, clothing, events, surf gravity yoga classes etc.


Surf Gravity is an adventure, travel, art blog and creative outlet telling stories through the eyes of the Devores and who and what they find interesting and inspiring. It’s about motivating people to find their passion, purpose and potential and follow their dreams and tell their stories.  While business has historically been based around competition, at Surf Gravity we prefer a model of collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships. In our relationships with companies we strive to provide marketing and branding through our diversification of skills. Instead of having to support both the media creators and the athlete, we are both, and will provide our own media while continuing to work with third party videographers and photographers. We will also be competing in skiing competitions, hosting ski camps and surf gravity yoga classes, giving presentations, and highlighting other humans who surf gravity. This multi faceted approach gives us a much broader exposure base than the traditional isolated model.


The Devores are creative, unique, inspiring, talented, and charismatic siblings. They are accomplished skiers, climbers, kayakers, photographers, yogis, surfers, farmers, bikers, artists, environmentalists, and world travelers. They are visionaries with unlimited potential. As athletes, filmers, photographers and writers they strive to chronicle the essence of their adventures and showcase other jedi gravity surfers. All of their media will aim to capture and share the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their experiences. Instead of focusing on the winter season alone as typical snow athletes do, they plan on sharing their mountain lifestyle and activities through all of the seasons. As the snow begins to melt they will spend their time in the water, when the water dries they will climb rocks, ride mountain bikes, and fly, and when hunting season begins they will chase elk through the woods and document and share this seasonal lifestyle, all the while trying to live sustainably and practicing yoga and the healing arts.


Sponsorship Opportunity:

Team Surf Gravity is the perfect sibling “dream team,” and can provide endless footage, photos, and content from a wide range of extreme sports, art, environmentalism, healing, yoga and spirituality. In return, we are asking for both financial and product support.

We envision integrating a Surf Gravity team of athletes, artists, and healers that will represent the movement. This ‘family’ can practice and train together and uplift one another. In short, we are going to have a positive impact on the world.  

Surf Gravity core values:

“Surfing into the new paradigm of conscious living.”

Committed to each other, the environment, health, athleticism, and spirituality.

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